Better performance doesn’t start on a track, it starts in a test tube. The internal combustion engine is a complex piece of machinery, and the formulas that clean and maintain it need to react in specific ways to keep it performing properly. In short, when better science goes into a product, better performance comes out.


Putting Performance to the Test

In science, nothing is more important than reproducible results. Formulas need to work consistently, in a variety of conditions, to be considered successful. That’s why Gumout® fuel and oil additives are continuously put to the test – in the lab and on the street. And why they always meet the toughest standards of performance and safety.

In the Lab

In partnership with some of the most respected chemical companies in the world, Gumout additives are created and tested using the most rigorous ASTM testing and industry standards available.

Car and truck manufacturers use a special piece of equipment known as a dynamometer to test the emissions and horsepower of their vehicles. To ensure accuracy, Gumout formulas are tested using this same equipment.

First, a baseline for the test vehicle is established. Horsepower, emissions and fuel economy are measured. Then the engine is deconstructed and deposit levels are recorded – down to the micron. Once this process is complete, the dirty engine is put back together. Gumout is added to the gas tank and vacuum lines, and the engine is run until the tank is empty.

With the engine cleanup complete, a second set of measurements are taken and the numbers are compared. But that’s not where the process ends. For the results to be relevant, they need to be repeatable. So the tests are run multiple times, then verified by independent labs.

Fig. 1 – Dynamometers test emissions and horsepower

On the street

Proving efficacy in the lab is just the first step, making sure the products perform on the road is just as important. Fleet testing is designed to measure additive effectiveness in harsh environments such as stop and go traffic, high and low temperatures, etc. Gumout Professional products were proven to perform in these real world environments as well as in the lab. So feel confident in using and recommending Gumout professional to your customers.