Better performance doesn’t start on a track, it starts in a test tube. The internal combustion engine is a complex piece of machinery, and the formulas that clean and maintain it need to react in specific ways to keep it performing properly. In short, when better science goes into a product, better performance comes out.

System Flush

The Engine


Engine oil acts as a secondary filter by collecting microscopic contaminants that builds up overtime. There are three main contaminants found in used oil. The first type are the by-products that the combustion system creates, these will raise the acid level of your oil and cause corrosion in the engine. The second is through the air intake and can clog up sensitive systems, which is why you should make sure to replace your air filter when it starts to get visibly dirty. The third source of contaminants is from your engine itself. Over time your engine will start to lose metal shavings through friction and wear. These shavings will cause an increase in friction and even more metal shavings will be released into your oil. This is why vehicles need routine oil changes as well as flushes. Unfortunately, when undergoing regular servicing as much as 20% of the old oil remains in the engine after an oil change, diluting the new oil, decreasing its effectiveness and increasing the risk of other engine problems later on.

Performance Issues:

Overheating, decreased engine efficiency, reduced performance, increased risk of engine failure.


Gumout Professional Engine Flush & Conditioner Service helps removes sludge, and contaminants with the oil while it is being drained out. This helps condition seals and gaskets as well as prevents contamination of the new oil that is being put in. Gumout Professional Engine Flush & Conditioner is safe for use in all vehicles – solvent free, mineral oil based formulation will not harm seals.


Shifting Issues:

High temperatures in transmissions and lack of maintenance can cause fluid deterioration and varnish deposit build-up. As a result, your customers are experiencing rough or difficult shifting, shuddering and valves sticking – ultimately resulting in transmission failure.

Performance Issues:

Gear slip, hard shifting, disk grinding, and vehicle surging, delayed power


Gumout Professional Transmission Flush Service with a transmission fluid change will help clean the transmission by removing harmful deposits and wear materials. It will also help free sticking valves and smooths rough or difficult shifting and transmission shudder.



Radiator failures are one of the most dramatic issues that your customers experience while driving. A failure of the coolant system is a major cause for breakdowns while driving and can be caused by multiple issues in the system causing an increase of temperature and failure of the radiator to compensate. With time, rust, sludge, residue and scale build-up in the radiator restricting proper coolant flow and heat transfer these issues can arise.

Performance Issues:

Overheating, part deterioration, engine seizure


A Gumout Professional Radiator Flush Service prior to adding new coolant helps prevent cooling system failure and prolongs radiator life by removing rust, scale and residue that can cause overheating and breakdown. This can increase coolant flow and heat transfer which maximizes the efficiency of the cooling system. Gumout Professional Radiator Flush is safe for use with all cooling systems and ideal for extremely hot or cold climates.

Power Steering


The Power Steering System is one of the most over looked systems of an automobile. Heat and friction causes fluid deterioration that can lead to wear, hardening of seals and ultimately leaks. Over time the power steering fluid will become contaminated with bits of plastic, rubber, and metal that break off of the power steering system. These contaminants as well as the deterioration of the fluid itself can accelerate the deterioration of the seals and components within the system.

Performance Issues:

Hard turning, seal leaks, part deterioration and breakage


A Gumout Professional Power Steering System Flush Service will removes deposits and debris and increases the life of the power steering system.