Gumout Professional Opportunity

Today’s Original Equipment Manufacturers are recommending the following preventative maintenance services for vehicle owners to make sure that they meet warranty requirements.

Fuel System Cleaning Services

15,000 miles

Transmission Flush/Fluid Exchange

30,000 miles

Radiator Flush/Coolant Exchange

30,000 miles

Power Steering Flush/Fluid Exchange

50,000 miles

Most owners with vehicles still under warranty are unaware of these recommendations and simply do not act, here lies the opportunity to inform and recommend.

Selling preventative maintenance services should encompass an approach that focuses on OEM recommendations based on mileage, and communicating the preventive maintenance benefits to the customer such as avoiding costly repairs, improving overall performance, it is O.E. recommended, increasing fuel efficiency and improving gas mileage, extending the vehicles life and having peace-of-mind.

Installers should view the maintenance category as not a problem to fix but as a future problem to prevent, and should begin by asking their customers “Did you know OEM recommends the following….” “We can perform the service while the vehicle is here.”

Also, don’t forget the older vehicle. The average vehicle age today is 11+, years old and mileage is over 100,000. Consumers are keeping their vehicles longer and according to the National Car Care council 80% of vehicles on the road today need parts replaced, service or fluids. These cars are no longer under OEM warranties and owners are now taking their vehicles to service providers for maintenance; however, many of them are still unaware of the need for cleaning and flushing of vital engine systems. Installers can keep their customers’ cars on the road longer by offering these services.

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