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Transmission Flush


High temperatures in transmissions and lack of maintenance can cause fluid deterioration and varnish deposit build-up

The result – rough or difficult shifting, shuddering and valves sticking – ultimately resulting in transmission failure


A Gumout® Professional 2-Step Fuel System Cleaning Service

  • Step-1: Add Gumout Professional Transmission Flush to the transmission
  • Step-2: Start engine, set parking brake, press main brake pedal and slowly move gear selector through all gears, stopping in each gear position for 30 seconds
  • Step-3: Return gear position to “Park”, run engine 10-15 minutes, turn off engine and proceed with transmission fluid change or exchange service



  • Helps clean the transmission by removing harmful deposits and wear materials
  • Helps free sticking valves
  • Smoothes rough or difficult shifting and transmission shudder


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12/16oz. bottles per case

5073337-Gumout Professional Transmission Flush

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