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Radiator Flush


  • Average vehicle age in US is now 11.5 years
  • Coolant system failure is a major cause for breakdowns while driving on the highway
  • With time, rust, sludge, residue and scale build-up in the radiator restricting proper coolant flow and heat transfer


A Gumout® Professional 2-Step Fuel System Cleaning Service

  • Step-1: With engine off, after a cool-down period, remove radiator cap
  • Step-2: Start engine and pour-in Gumout Professional Radiator Flush into radiator
  • Step-3: Run engine to operating temperature, turn the interior heater on to the highest setting and let engine idle for ten minutes
  • Step-4: Proceed with normal radiator flush process and coolant refill



  • Helps prevent cooling system failure and prolongs radiator life
  • Removes rust, scale and residue that can cause overheating and breakdown
  • Increases coolant flow and heat transfer
  • Maximizes cooling system efficiency
  • Safe for use with all cooling systems

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12/16oz. bottles per case

5070708-Gumout Professional Radiator Flush

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