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Power Steering Flush


  • The Power Steering System is one of the most over looked systems of an automobile
  • Heat and friction causes fluid deterioration that can lead to wear, hardening of seals and ultimately leaks


A Gumout® Professional 2-Step Fuel System Cleaning Service

  • Step 1: Position drain pan under the power steering pump
  • Step 2: Disconnect the low-pressure return hose from the pump
  • Step 3: Position the disconnected low-pressure return hose to drain into drain pan
  • Step 4: Set parking brake. With key on and ignition off, add Gumout Professional Power Steering Flush to the power steering pump reservoir while having an assistant turning the steering wheel from stop to stop position
  • Step 5: Continue turning wheel while assistant adds manufacturer recommended power steering fluid. Continue adding until desired cleanliness is achieved. Do not allow system to run dry.
  • Step 6: Turn key off and reconnect low-pressure return hose.
  • Step 7: Check power steering fluid level. Top off as needed.
  • Step 8: Start engine and run at idle ten minutes while turning steering wheel from stop to stop and fill power steering reservoir with manufactures recommended power steering fluid.
  • Step 9: Turn engine off, bleed air from the system if needed per vehicle manufactures recommended procedure, top off if needed.


Product Benefits

  • Removes deposits and debris
  • Increases the life of the power steering system


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12/32oz. bottles per case

5073335-Gumout Professional Power Steering Flush

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