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Engine Flush & Conditioner


Engine oil acts as a secondary filter by collecting microscopic contaminants – thus the need for routine oil changes. Unfortunately, as much as 20% of the old oil can remain in the engine after an oil change diluting the new oil and decreasing it’s effectiveness


A Gumout® Professional 2-Step Fuel System Cleaning Service

  • Step-1: Add Gumout Professional Engine Flush & Conditioner to engines crankcase with existing oil
  • Step-2: Run engine for 10-15 minutes
  • Step-3: Proceed with normal oil change process


  • Helps removes sludge, and contaminants with oil drain
  • Helps condition seals and gaskets
  • Helps prevent new oil contamination
  • Safe for use in all vehicles – solvent free, mineral oil based formulation will not harm seals

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12/16oz. bottles per case

5073336-Gumout Professional Engine Flush

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